HES Expo GmbH

HES EXPO is happy to provide all the services you may need at the fairs you attend.

It is quite difficult to find a good Booth Design and Constructor Company, but you did this!
Our company was established in 1994 in Frankfurt, Germany under the name of Montage Express.
The Company carried out the construction of the shops of world brands such as Elf, Deutsche Telekom, HP, Nokia, Microsoft, Coca-Cola in Europe.
Afterwards, our company focused on fair stand works, taking the name of “Hes Expo” and successfully exhibiting your projects in Europe fairs.

We started a new process by moving our "company" to Köln in 2018.
We are 20 minutes from Köln Exhibition Centre and 60 minutes from Düsselsorf Exhibition Centre.
We are now neighbors to Belgium and the Netherlands.
With German discipline, keeping trust and quality at the forefront, you will present your Stand, which is the mirror of your company.
While performing in accordance with your image, we do not ignore the economy part.

You can trust our experience!


Stand Design

3D Modelling
Final Decisions


Plans and Drawings
Quality Materials


Stand Loading
Delivery to the Fair Centre
Loading - Unloading
Internal Carriage
Crane and Forklift
Pallets Distributions to the Stands
Handling Charges
Installation at the Fair Ground
Handling Charges


Delivery Back to the Our Company


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